In a time like the present, artists are challenged to approach creativity in an entirely new light, drawing inspiration from the mundane, the everyday, and the regular. The pandemic has changed and, in some cases, even halted the plans and processes of artists of every kind, bring us the opportunity to grow and adapt in the way we make. This collective hurdle we as creators are going through has brought with it a new appreciation and craving for art that makes us "feel something" or takes us somewhere other than the walls of our homes or the confines of our everyday lives. This exhibition aims to teleport the viewers into a place where time, art, and space are turned on their heads to give a sense of dissolution to reality and an imaginative approach to the things we don't think twice about, or the rooms we spend so much time in.

Our portfolio pieces inhabit the space and interact with its surroundings, breaking free from the notion that art should only be hung on walls and leaving room for creativity in how it is presented to the audience. Every-day items as simple as bookshelves, bathtubs, and beds can be transformed into seemingly "impossible" whimsical installation pieces for the viewer to experience. It asks artists and viewers alike the question: do we only feel inspired to create, or can we also create our own inspiration?

Sierra Ross & Geoffrey Bruick